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  • Color matchs cloth art to adorn beautiful sitting room opportunely

    2020-04-16 16:11 81

    Of colorific choice, style collocation, design confluence, the atmosphere that can affect whole sitting room directly and style.


    As the furniture that grabs an eye most inside the sitting room, sofa should unite color style with ceiling, wall, ground, door window, achieve harmonious result.How to make the sitting room become comfortable beautiful again?Might as well try the cloth art sofa with dye-in-the-wood color sense!


    Compare with leather sofa, cloth art sofa is easier unpick and wash, and feel soft, design is rich, modelling is novel, according to the different seasons of the year, can choose the cloth of different color and design and color, this lets the consumer on the market now more and more also fell in love with cloth art sofa.


    Different colour, give a person different feeling.Yellow means gentle and quiet;Green represents the mind and the eye;Red represents festive gorgeous;Coffee color represents steady and mature;Purple represents elegant and luxurious;Cyan represents abstruse and deep;Blue represents serenity and breadth.


    Unexpectedly the home is concerned the worker suggests consumer, if the sitting room of your home is enough big belong to daylighting is better, might as well choose colour bright bright big flower, big green, big red, square wait for colour, can make whole room appears natural and graceful atmosphere.If the sitting room area is relatively small, can choose the fabric with fine design, lively color.


    Additional, the color of cloth art sofa and sitting room decorate tonal want to have contrast, if the color that the sitting room decorates is darker, the cloth art sofa that the proposal chooses light color, for instance white, weak green, azure or orange, these a few kinds of colors can break the depressing on the room visual effect.


    If the color of the floor and metope is lighter, the colour of sofa is about a bit darker relatively, the proposal consumer chooses gray or black.The color of sofa also should agree with the color of other furniture of the sitting room, for instance TV ark, tea table plans to choose gules, the color of sofa even if not identical color, had better also want to belong to same color department, if other furniture of the sitting room is the colour of the sofa of metal, vitreous structure can be deep but shallow.


    The collocation of cushion for leaning on is very important also, even if it is design common sofa, want to match the cushion for leaning on of a few different color only, also can let sitting room instantaneous give colour.

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